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At The Wheel : Performance Sedan


2007 JETTA GLI Fahrenheit: Number 7 of 1200


By Frederick Staab    CruiseControlRadio.Com


I bet you can’t find one person whose interest isn’t peaked when they hear the term
collectible or limited edition. Visions of selling the item for big dollars somewhere down the line swirl in their minds and the smell of big cash tantalizes their olfactory system.


Can’t be sure if that’s what going on the minds of those purchasing VW’s Jetta GLI Fahrenheit edition. Yes, it is a limited edition. In fact the vehicle I drove was number
7 of 1200, it was printed right there on the steering wheel in plain view. Lucky 7

for sure

The Fahrenheit is based on Volkswagens stellar Jetta GLI. After its recent redesign this mid size four door blossomed with excellent handling characteristics, an interior with quality far beyond its pay grade thanks to displays and components borrowed from Audi parts bin. And while you typically would not put trunk size in the same paragraph with handling and interior quality, I will since the Jetta has a gargantuan deep aft storage area with beaucoup amounts of capacity. Performance and plenty of storage are not mutually exclusive any more.



Speaking of performance our GLI Fahrenheit was motivated by a 2.0-liter 200hp turbo
Charged in line 4 cylinder with direct injection. In our case the engine was mated to
The option 6 Speed Dsg automatic that will set your finances back an extra $1,075 dollars. Its money well spent in my opinion offering great sans clutch pedal shifting fun
Whether your pulling the steering wheel paddles of working the stubby shifter. The DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox makes gear changes in 2/10ths of a second, and even the best clutch pushing, stick slamming, dedicated manual fan can’t beat that! Shifts came hard and fast with little delay and there was a great tuned exhaust pop with every gear change.

The DSG Or Direct Shift Gearbox makes gear changes in 2/10ths of a second, and even the best Clutch pushing stick slamming dedicated manual fan can’t beat that!

All Jettas come with electro-mechanical steering, which is a mixed bag. The hardware weighs less than traditional steering gear but there always seem to be slight but noticeable driver feedback  artifacts. For example we found the steering response to be a bit springy when making turns.

Putting 200 Horsepower to the ground though the front wheels means there is a degree of torque steer but it was negligible in case of the GLI Fahrenheit. Perhaps that’s due to some standard equipment in the form of Anti-Slip regulation (ASR) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL). By the way Electronic Stabilization and ABS are also included at no additional charge.



Our limed edition ride came cloaked in blazing Fahrenheit yellow. It’s a hue that will make a Yellow cab or school bus appear bland and faded. The hot yellow invades

the car interior with color accents on the dash, doors and accent stitching on the Anthracite leather seats and shifter boot.

The Fahrenheit package also includes nicely spoke styled 18” alloys with 225/40’s. Summer performance tires are typically mounted but for no charge you can opt for more seasonally adaptable All season tires. While we are noting the wheels you’ll want to peer in between the spokes at the package included bright red painted calipers.

And finally this limited edition bundles an in dash 6 disc CD changer that can read MP3s which also sports an auxiliary input jack for your audio gear or choice. I have always been a fan of VW’s current crop of radios. They take up a lot of dashboard

real estate but offer dedicated knobs and buttons for functions such as balance and bass and treble. Our system added Sirius satellite radio for $3765. The radio head display is large so there was no strain is seeing the Artist and Song titles.

If you are interested in the Fahrenheit edition Jetta GLI you better like that super
saturated yellow it’s the only color available. But if orange is your hue there good

news because the Fahrenheit GTI is also available on a limited basis. Along with two other members of a the VW collectable quartet including the Triple White New

Beetle and the return of the Wolfsburg Edition Jetta.



So will buying the one of Fahrenheit editions now allow you to pay for your kid’s college or purchase that vacation home when you sell it twenty years from now?

Well we will have the let the collector car market determine that. In the meantime if you are looking For a fast and sophisticated for its price level sedan with plenty of storage see your VW Dealer. Just remember to bring your sunglasses!



Specifications: 2007 Jetta GLI Fahrenheit

Mileage on test vehicle: 3468
Color: Exterior: Fahrenheit Yellow Interior: Anthracite Leather
Towing Capacity: N/A
Fuel Mileage: City 25 Highway 32 Observed 29
Fuel Required: 91 Octane Premium
Safety: Side curtain airbags standard, Anti Slip Regulation (ASR), Electronic
Differential Lock (EDL), Anti-Lock Braking (ABS)
Warranty: 4 years /50,000 Limited Warrenty, Powertrain Warranty
4 year roadside assist
Standard features: Air conditioning, Tilt and telescope steering wheel, 18 inch

alloy wheels, Xenon headlights, Daytime running lights, Body Color interior trim, alloy Pedals
Major Options: Sirius Satellite Radio $375, DSG Automatic transmission $1,075

Price as Tested (including delivery): $29,970.00

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