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2008 Mecury Mariner Hybrid FWD: Suprisingly Miserly

By Les Jackson   Cruise Control


If Al Gore had been with me during my 1240-mile test trip of the new Mercury Mariner Hybrid, he would have said, "Well done, Ford." I have to echo that sentiment also. After all those miles I have no complaints about the Mariner at all.


Things didn't necessarily start that way, however. Knowing that hybrids typically give much better fuel economy in city traffic than on interstates, I had my doubts that the Mariner would yield higher than the mid-20s, but it was worth finding out.

Consequently, I scheduled the Mariner Hybrid for a period when I'd be visiting the in-laws in upstate New York. I considered at the time that, with gas prices exceeding $3.00 a gallon and the need for luggage space, I wanted a vehicle that would be fairly economical and yet comfortable. I also saw the trip as an opportunity to give an SUV hybrid a solid, no-holds-barred, real-world test.

Our drive from Virginia to Albany, NY went through Harrisburg, Scranton and onward to Binghamton, NY, and from there to Albany. The roads climb steadily uphill from Harrisburg to Scranton and then wend their way through the Catskill valleys toward Albany on the 435-mile one way trip, thus giving the Mariner's little 2.3 Liter V4 and electric motor a good workout. No attempt was made to "nurse" the vehicle on the trip, so the cruise control was utilized as often as possible by setting the speed at 4-5 mph over the posted limits (that's still well under the prevailing traffic's pace, by the way.)

The Mariner swallowed up all our luggage in the rear stowage area and left the back seat empty for incidentals like the umbrella and spare shoes. Up front we found the seats to be very comfy and the climate control system kept us at a constant temperature – as it should be in hot July weather. Its four cup holders carried our stash of water bottles and the console compartments were more than adequate to hold cameras, sunglasses and [necessary] nibbles, in this case potato chips and dried fruit.

Anyway, the long trip revealed very little differences between the hybrid and regular versions of the Mariner, chiefly the fact that the 2.3 liter V4 is a bit "revvy." This is to be expected from such a small engine and it never produced any annoying vibration or noise. It just worked a little harder, assisted by copious amounts of extra torque from the electric motor. Ride characteristics were firm but compliant and all systems functioned perfectly in extremes of heat and thunderstorms. The CVT front-wheel-drive functioned flawlessly.

On the "civility" side of things we - and our frequent guests on side excursions into the Hudson valley - enjoyed the SIRIUS radio and NAV systems. The moonroof was utilized at times, as was the 100 Volt AC power point. In short, we got a chance to try out everything that the Mariner Hybrid offered and its information screen delighted our riders.



The most important aspect of the test trip is the Mariner's actual fuel economy. It turned out a very, very impressive 30.3 miles-per-gallon overall, far greater than I had estimated and even better than a lot of smaller sedans would have achieved if they were as fully loaded. For my money the Mariner Hybrid is a great choice for SUV buyers who want the versatility and practicality offered by such vehicles but also want good fuel economy.


When all those factors are considered the MSRP of my test Mariner is quite reasonable at $31,000, but one can be had for 5 Grand less if the buyer is willing to forego the satellite radio and  moonroof/leather/console packages. Considering the

federal tax credit that comes with the purchase of one of these vehicles and the obvious fuel savings, I think it's worth paying for the options. The Mariner Hybrid is an excellent vehicle that asks for no compromises on the part of the owner. If you didn’t know it's a hybrid you wouldn't notice. That says it all.




Specifications: 2008 Mecury Mariner Hybrid FWD

Mileage on test vehicle: 1245
Color: Exterior: Black Interior: Stone Leather
Towing Capacity: N/A
Fuel Mileage: City 34 Highway 29 Observed 30.3
Fuel Required: 87 Octane
Safety: Side Canopy Air Bags, ABC Syste
Warranty: 5 Year/60,000 power train, 24- Hour roadside assist
Major Options: Sirius Satellite Radio, Navigation System , Power Moonroof

Price as Tested (including delivery): $31,000

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