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Auto Industry News

H-racer Named a 'Best Invention of 2006' By TIME Magazine

Horizon Fuel Cell, Maker of the World's Smallest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Emerging as Leader in Taking the Hydrogen Economy Mainstream Today


SHANGHAI, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The H-racer, the world's smallest hydrogen

fuel cell car developed by Horizon Fuel Cell, was named as one of the best

inventions of the year by TIME magazine, in recognition of the company's innovative approach to taking hydrogen fuel cells into the mass market.

"It may be years before you can buy a Chevy powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Tired

of waiting, Shanghai-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies decided to design and market the H-racer, a 6-in.-long toy car that does what Detroit still can't," TIME

wrote in its review of the H-racer. The H-racer was selected from the hundreds

of inventions from around the world reviewed by TIME.

Horizon Fuel Cell is expected to announce the delivery of fuel cell solutions to

several other industries in the coming months, and will continue to launch more innovations into the market.

About Horizon Fuel Cell

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies was founded in 2003 to greatly accelerate the

global commercialization of clean, hydrogen fuel cell power. Horizon developed a comprehensive technology and manufacturing capability to serve the power needs

of a variety of applications. The company's mission is to outperform conventional power technologies with competitively priced and environmentally friendly fuel cell power solutions, for applications ranging from small portable power to light transportation. For further information, visit .





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