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Show Coverage

Because Cruise Control is carried on three radio networks and is part of the ABC radio satellite feed, it is available to nearly every U.S. radio market. The show is currently heard in over 60 radio markets around the country. Additional stations on the networks (totalling over 1300) are picking up the show as programming managers become aware of its appeal.

We are also glad to be part of the Cable Radio Network (CRN 6) which allows Cruise Control to be heard in California in locations such as South Pasadena, Torrance, South Orange County and Bakersfield, to name a few. CRN also broadcasts our signal to Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Millersville, Maryland (suburban Baltimore). The Cable Radio Network feed can be heard live on the Internet at Cruise Control can also be heard on

Les and Fred On The Road

On May 14, 2005, we were at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for the annual Mazda product overview. We had the opportunity to have with us Weldon Munsey (next to Les), Mazda's product guru for the Speed products, the RX8 and the all-new Mazda 5. Also with us on the air was Jay Amestoy, VP of Communications for Mazda (next to Weldon) and Tom Bryant, Editor of Road & Track magazine (next to Fred).

It's always a treat to do the show on-location together and the addition of such important guests was a great opportunity.

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